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The dryer into the new darling of the market and seek better and faster development

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The dryer into the new darling of the market and seek better and faster development

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Despite the rapid rise in domestic drying machinery, but the annual mechanical drying of grain output accounted for about 1% of the total, while the world's developed countries in mechanical grain drying can reach 90% of the total output, can be seen that the development of grain drying machinery in China is far from being adapted to the development needs of cereal production. With the development of deep processing of agricultural products, the increase of farmers' income and the acceleration of the process of agricultural modernization, the grain drying technology and equipment will have broad market prospects and great potential for development.

According to estimates, if the proportion of mechanical drying reached 30%, at least 8000-1 million sets of drying equipment. In recent years, the grain purchase and sale system and supply and demand relationship has changed, and the promotion of mechanized harvesting operations, high moisture grain number is increasing, some of the traditional non high moisture grain producing areas has become a high moisture grain producing areas, and the traditional high moisture grain yield water also increased, further expanded the demand for food drying equipment.

Realize drying machine industry rapid development "1025" planning objectives, a connecting link between the preceding and the following year, to continue to adhere to the theme of "Wenzhongqiujin", to solve the outstanding problems of the development of "unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable" and a new progress, and strive to drying machine industry development good and fast, good and fast in recent years.

Highly competitive industry, some companies focus on the immediate results, do not need any system development, improve the overall quality, progress slowly, seriously hindered the normal development of China's drying machine industry. At present, the domestic market of conventional drying equipment, as well as the main international market drying equipment, are basically made in China, which shows that the history of China's drying equipment in order to import has ended.

The development of drying machine equipment need to pay attention to energy saving and energy, such as the use of combined heating, heat pump and heat pipe technology, the development of solar drying machine, etc., but also to develop the automatic control technology to ensure the optimal operating conditions of the implementation of environmental protection measures to reduce dust and waste gas leakage, etc., will also need to be further studied.


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