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Development of Chinas machine manufacturing industry

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Development of Chinas machine manufacturing industry

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According to statistical data, the end of 2002 the national rice processing enterprises 8991, the annual production capacity of 73240000 T, the annual production of rice 18780000 T, the operating rate of 25.65%. By the end of 1998, China has already had the ability to produce 50t/24h-1200t/24h equipment, and the small and medium size of various types of flour processing enterprises nearly a thousand, in which the use of 50t/24h following small units of about 40000. Flour industry is currently the annual processing capacity has reached 350000000 T, and the entire industry, the annual processing capacity of less than 130000000 T, the industry's power is less than 40%. Statistics show that China's food processing capacity has been saturated, food processing factory of large-scale plant for improving the technical level of work have told a paragraph, domestic foodstuff machinery manufacturing industry facing the industry integration phase.   

Challenges and opportunities are always the coexistence of. In recent years, foreign equipment and technology into the domestic market, squeezing the domestic foodstuff machinery manufacturing industry of living space, but also promote the machinery manufacturing industry to open up new markets for export, to the world. According to customs statistics, in 2006 1 in April, China's grain processing machinery and parts exports 15780000 U. s.dollars; livestock and poultry feeding machinery exports 22740000 u.s..   

In the face of the current situation of China's foodstuff machinery industry, domestic food processing machinery manufacturing enterprises should be solid to practice good exercise to benefit the internal organs, do a good job of industrial integration, increase the market competition ability of the enterprise, to expand business in the area, to set their sights on the broader international market.   

According to the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, a new data show that agricultural machinery manufacturing technology in Southeast Asia is clearly backward, many countries in ASEAN countries are still mainly rely on imports of agricultural machinery, food processing machinery, agricultural machinery and other agricultural products, while China's grain processing machinery manufacturing products with the advantages of high quality and low price is our country's grain processing machinery manufacturing products in ASEAN countries and other countries, the advantages of competition. For a long time, China's rice milling machine, milling machine and other small and medium sized agricultural machinery in ASEAN countries and sales of large.   

After joining WTO, the Chinese government actively supports the export, and has formulated a series of relevant policies to create favorable conditions. In recent years, to carry out the export business of domestic foodstuff machinery manufacturing enterprises more and more, export trade volume has increased year by year, in the international market possession of the place. In the field of export trade, foodstuff machinery enterprises of our country should establish strong and lasting partnership, formed a strategic alliance, make full use of resources to strive for the market, in foreign countries to work together to establish offices and after-sales service agencies, reduce costs, solve the export products pre-market after-sales service, make our country machinery manufacturing export products has leapt to a new level.


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