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Promotion of food machinery drying without delay

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Promotion of food machinery drying without delay

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China's grain harvest every year due to the humid climate, wet food to late dry or does not meet the safety storage of water, resulting in mildew, loss of germination number up to 5%, equivalent to 25 million tons of grain. With the rapid transfer of land, in the process of food production, the most important, the most urgent is to promote food machinery drying. Recently, the author in-depth Guyang Inner Mongolia County, 6 towns, 972 villagers groups, the rural areas were investigated. Guyang County perennial sown area of 1800000 acres, the county's grain output in 2014 reached 162435 tons, oil production of up to 59900 tons. According to statistics, the county has a total of sunning grounds 7159, drying area 4572089 square meters, the hardening drying only 28700 square meters. At present, the grain drying become a difficult problem of farmers. A large number of young migrant workers, in addition to the rural field, fields were planted with crops, more and more small air space. According to statistics, farmers will grain drying in their own platform accounted for 20%, the sun accounted for 25% in the field, Fangqianwuhou, sun in 20% of the town square, playground, markets and other space, occupy the road drying accounted for 30%, special drying space accounted for only 5%. In the past the Guyang County Rural drying site to civil, a relatively fragmented, most large drying site in disrepair. Now the grain drying site year by year "shrink" or for other purposes, the special drying space There is not much left. Most of the village collective lack of funds, funds for repair of drying space is difficult to solve. Some farmers to grain drying directly on the side of the road, gravel and asphalt pavement containing toxic substances; coupled with the passing vehicles exhaust emissions, will to some extent affect food quality; highway drying grain, resulting in poor access, every year because of roadside drying grain caused by traffic accidents have occurred from time to time. Artificial drying costs are too high, and the busy season money also couldn't hire people. Such as corn, artificial drying of the lowest cost is 0.10 yuan / kg; with a drying machine, only half of the cost. A drying machine one day can will 20 tons of corn moisture from 23% reduced to 14.5%, need to cost more than 500 yuan; artificial drying to same level, 400 square meters of cement bleachery and eight labour needs for more than 3 days drying and employee costs in 1920 yuan or so. Accelerate the promotion of grain drying machine, maximize reduce grain loss is not only ensure total food yield a good harvest, stable, increasing the income of farmers is an important way, but also to ensure that an important means of grain quality. With the gradual expansion of the national agricultural subsidies policy, the author suggests that we should increase the input of food drying equipment. Hand, grain warehouse as the carrier, use of existing venues, expand drying equipment investment of state-owned grain, is conducive to drying scale and equipment utilization; is conducive to large quantities of food emergency treatment; conducive to the management of state-owned assets; for countries to master the starving; conducive to food technicians use professional knowledge mastered by drying, reserve detection to ensure national food security. On the other hand, the state as soon as possible drying facilities subsidy policy, increase the scope of agricultural subsidies, encourage social financing, because of land circulation scale of planting drying grain difficult problem. At the same time, drying machine enterprises to increase investment in technological innovation, development and production of a better quality, reliable, energy-saving environmental protection, easy operation, economic application of general models, to achieve "a multi-purpose machine", so as to improve the efficiency of drying machine, and promote the development of drying mechanization.


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