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Forecast of Chinas grain market price trend in 2015

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Forecast of Chinas grain market price trend in 2015

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By 2015, China's grain market price trend forecast are as follows: Based on the current domestic and international economic development of the truth, we estimate, in 2015 China's grain prices possible trend is, wheat, rice price with firm give priority to, the corn market or will show signs of recovery, the soybean price or will continue weak potential and fluctuated. 2015 is the key to comprehensively deepen reform, but also the new normal under the second year". Domestic food policy of the market set the tone for the "policy market" atmosphere strong grain market price formation mechanism toward the market. With the deepening of the market - oriented reform of price of grain, support policies on prices will be gradually weakened, the future supply and demand in the market or will become guide the trend of food prices are the main factors. In many domestic and foreign products, the spread is still increasing, the formation mechanism of China's grain market price is still need to further explore and improve. 2014, the domestic grain output to achieve eleven increase". However, due to the slowdown in domestic economic growth, the overall macroeconomic downturn, feed industry overcapacity, the industry is not warm, the coal industry, the domestic demand for food is not prosperous. At the end of the year, the overall price maintained at a relatively low level. High number of domestic food stocks, and on the domestic grain market prices generally higher than the international standard and the downstream processing industry demand factors such as weak repression, grain market operation is difficult to maintain, policy to guide and control has been more important factors, so prices go potential basically supported by the traditional means of State Reserve and price policy. For more information, please refer to the China report hall released the 2014-2018 China's food processing industry market survey report. As of the end of 2014, the national winter wheat production was 119899000 tons, 4045000 tons more than in 2013, an increase of 3.5%, this year's winter wheat sown area was essentially flat (National Bureau of statistics data, 2014 national winter wheat output of about 239790000000 pounds, 8080000000 pounds more than the previous year, an increase of 3.5%). Wheat supply and demand in the market as a whole is more relaxed, due to weak downstream flour industry, busy season, coupled with 10 months later as a substitute for wheat feed corn prices fell sharply, feed wheat substitution no advantage, annual wheat prices early overall remained stable, late shock swing weakness. The demand and supply of the market, in the first half of this year, the price of wheat remained stable, due to the continuing influence of weak trend of the flour industry and the policy of the city function, wheat prices smooth and weak operation. The Research Report on food may be of interest to you: 2015-2020 years of development trend Chinese food machinery industry market and Industry Research Report 2015-2020 Chinese prospect of grain machinery industry market supply and demand forecast more animal husbandry and fishery industry analysis in the last few years of project machinery industry market depth research and investment strategy China food report 2015-2020 China food analysis machinery industry market research and key enterprises in depth investigation depth Research Report 2015-2020 Chinese food machinery industry market demand and investment consulting report 2015-2020, the continuation of China's soybean production acreage, yield significantly downward trend, coupled with the acquisition of temporary storage capacity increase, China's dependence on foreign soybeans increased further. Domestic soybean market prices edged down slightly, then continued to rise. With the last November soybean subsidy policy, as well as the implementation of planting households repayment pressure, increase the intensity of soybean supply, acquisition of traders cautious to keep the prices down, while refineries mostly prefer the soybean import, domestic soybean demand is limited. In 2015 January, under the pressure of international soybean market, soybean prices continued weak overall downward. 2009 Nobel Prize winner, American economist Paul Krugman recently in Shanghai Jiaotong University lecture said, the global economy is not yet out of financial crisis in full recovery, at present, the recovery of the weak is still not optimistic, affected by the financial turmoil and crisis in Ukraine, emerging economies growth continued to slow, there is a greater inflationary pressure, while developed countries prices remained low, Global trade of slow growth. The world grain output continued to grow. However, the world economic recovery is weak, demand for food will not with larger amplitude pulling prices rise. The United States economy is good, the United States continued to launch quantitative easing policy makes the dollar index to boost strength, the dollar continued to rise, which will be a certain impact on emerging market countries. For our country, the annual rice, soybeans need a lot of imports, a strong dollar will have a certain impact on China's food imports, however, at present, the world's soybean production, international soybean prices are low, the U.S. dollar has little impact on China's food imports. Last year, the international oil prices fell by 57%, the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) last month to cut the WTI crude oil prices in 2015 is expected to reach $54.58 a barrel. Future crude oil prices may have a slight upward, but back to a hundred dollars a barrel of high potential. Lower prices of agricultural products directly to lower agricultural prices, reduce the production of agricultural products and agricultural machinery production, transportation and other costs, driven by the price of agricultural products. At the same time, low oil prices will lead to fuel ethanol, bio diesel and other bio energy production profits fell, the bio energy industry frustrated. Demand for corn and other crops for biofuels will fall, which will have a negative impact on the price of domestic agricultural products. Based on the current domestic and international economic development of the truth, we estimate that may this year, China's grain price trend is, wheat, rice price with firm give priority to, the corn market or will


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