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Seed removal equipment

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Seed removal equipment

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With flexible rolling, through reasonable adjustment of the feeding amount and discharging mouth resistance against the mound of weight, will be attached in a full crop seed awn, straw, husk, shell, wing, wool, thorn,... In addition to clean.  

Main features:

1 flexible rolling processing, low breakage rate;

2. With the opening size of the feeding gate and by adjusting the pressure ram weight to change the resistance against the force of the pressure regulating valve and carefully adjusted to ensure the seed quality and safety, avoid over standard of temperature rise;

A 3 to open the machine can quickly and easily open, completely clean machine, effectively prevent mechanical hybrid;

4 the use of a machine, reduce user costs, reduce the cost of seeds;

Has 5 processing, stable and reliable; mobile convenient, easily and more humanized features.  

Large cleaning machine overview

Large grain cleaning machine is mainly used for wheat, rice, corn, soybean, cotton seed, camellia and other crop grain cleaning, selection, classification, is a machine with multiple economic type grain cleaning machine, also known as the large grain sieving machine.

For sorting sunflower, soybean, corn, white melon seeds, wheat, rapeseed, rice and other food crops. With the grain cleaning sieve, a grading, the use of a machine's performance, with the general wind type cleaning machine, screen features not available. The grain combine harvester thresher prolapse of grain in water rate for safe storage moisture, a clear selection can make net beam to achieve the best food grade standards, post harvest grain moisture rate is higher than the safe storage moisture, clearing by the level at the beginning of, meet the requirements of the drying process. Large cleaning machine working principle

Materials with entered the second process three grading vibration sieve, the first layer will stone bricks and materials from the upper separated from the impurity outlet, the second layer is the material of choice for the good level in diet, reaching high purity of commodity grain, the third layer for unfilled grains and broken grains from the broken grain export down.

Materials to machine sieve surface, due role in fish scale sieve surface reverse wind, so that the material due to the different proportion, resulting in two different directions of motion, than heavy forward into the cleaning process, light weight material (bad seed) walk backwards by internal spiral auger will be the launch of an impurity outlet. This machine is suitable for small and medium income households, food factory, animal feed factory, farms, wineries etc.. On the spot, the grain is directly put into the warehouse and the grain is piled, and the mobile is convenient, and the voltage can be 380V or 220V. This machine belongs to the corn, soybean, wheat, barley, millet, barley, buckwheat, castor beans, oats, rice, peanuts, sesame seeds, pepper, cotton, camellia, sorghum, sunflower seeds and other crops grain cleaning, selection, classification, is a machine multi-purpose cleaning machine and other machine, need replacing the screen, the air volume can be adjusted, 8-10 tons per hour, selection of 95% soybean 98%.


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