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Research on agricultural seed selection and classification equipment

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Research on agricultural seed selection and classification equipment

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The seed is the basic data of agricultural production, and the internal cause of increasing crop yield. Selection of good seed for the local conditions can not only give full play to the role of soil, fertilizer, Mizuho Hikaru and other conditions, and can resist adverse environmental conditions and obtain high yield. Therefore, it is very important to deal with the seeds.

1 gravity separator

With the sowing of seeds of the increasingly high demand, for some high-quality seeds similar rogue and impurities using general winnowing and screening or other to size sorting device, is not easy will be isolated. The gravity separation method, according to the selection of different grain density, but it can achieve better separation effect. But the seed must be washed with water.

Gravity concentration in recent years in China's rapid development. In the late 70's in twentieth Century, our country began to introduce such kind of models, and now it has developed into a series of products.

The gravity of the separator comprehensive utilization of airflow and vibration theory, according to the grain density were isolated and has two kinds of blowing and suction. In comparison, the former is simple in structure, and can be directed to hair dryer, which can promote the grain separation; the latter is less dust and health conditions. To learn the advantages of the two, many models made of blowing, and a suction device.

Gravity separator by the general classification table, air chamber, fan, feeding device and a driving mechanism. Material in the grading table by the following comprehensive role is sorting: first, the air flow through the sieve surface and material; the two is the stage of the grading table along a certain direction of vibration; three is a stage in the vertical and horizontal two directions have a certain angle. Material selection consists of two steps: first, the material is fed to the surface of the material by the density in the vertical direction, and then the density of different seed layers, so that the seeds along the surface of different directions, until the discharge.

2 seed separator

Electrical separation seeds by different kinds of intergranular conductivity, dielectric permeability and the polarization degree of different, complete sorting operations. These electrical properties are closely related to the chemical composition and biological properties of seeds, and can choose the best seed, which can improve the germination rate and yield.

At present, often used electricity from the law can be divided into 3 categories: static method, corona and dielectric method.

The 3 hole disc selection classifier

Cell plate selection classifier is sorted according to the difference of seed and other inclusions in the length of the machine. It is widely used in the classification and separation of seeds. In seed processing, cell plate selection classifier for wheat, barley, rice, peas and flax and other crops.

Nest in the eye disc selected classifier has a set of each with hundreds of hole of the disc, they according to certain interval placed on the horizontal axis. The clutch disc, which rotates with the shaft, passes through the accumulation of the material in the body, and collects and promotes the grain of a single entry into the nest eye by the hole of the hole. When the clutch disc rotates around the center of the center of the rotation, the grain of the hole is separated from the pit and falls into the hopper by the action of gravity and centrifugal force. And a little longer materials because they can not completely into the hole, its center of gravity lies hole to enhance the edge, not bed eye disc lifting. These materials are transported out of the machine through a machine.

4 conclusions

Select seed and processing has become a new industry, and to seed production specialization, supply goods, processing mechanization and quality standard of the direction of development. Along with the development of seed selection and classification equipment is not only a wide variety, but also the increasing scientific and technological content. This will provide a reliable guarantee for the high yield and high yield of agriculture in China.


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