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How to buy seed machinery

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How to buy seed machinery

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Seed processing is seed material in the field operation, the purity above 90%, toward the more high commercialization of further processing. The removal of various impurities in the seed material is the first step in the commercialization of seed processing.

It is hoped that the clarity of the seed, the higher the better, but the higher difficulty greater, like pure gold refining, only more than 99%, there is no 100%. Understanding and understanding of this law, scientific and rational selection of seed processing machinery, it is necessary to.

All sorts of strange things, 1 seeds, different impurities,

According to the geometric size, there are large and small miscellaneous; according to the length of time, there is a long and miscellaneous; according to the weight, there is light weight. Even if it is light, there is still a light weight, light density and relatively light weight. The color difference, called Harmonia is a grain, seed impurity classification.

The nature of the impurities is different, the method is also different, different methods of removal will require different principles of machinery, which determines the diversity of seed processing machinery. Buy machinery, to be practical, what is the attribute first make clear the main impurities, and strive to have a definite object in view.

2, the purchase of machinery general principles

Different principles of machinery, in the process of seed processing, the removal of impurities or functions have focused on the principle and types of cleaning machine more more, should be careful to buy. General principles.

(1) the removal of a good seed in the weight is significantly less than the weight, and the size of the good seed is significantly different, should be the preferred wind screen type cleaning machine. This machine is currently used most commonly.

(2) the removal of a long, or short, or miscellaneous, or short, after the wind screen processing, shall be selected for the selection of the clutch.

(3) through the air and screen cleaning machine and nest eye type selection of machining, clarity has been obviously improved, and the grain size is uniform, but there are still some, such as maize dry grain, insect damaged kernels, ear rot diseased seed; dry wheat grain, insects ceiling grain, capsomer; dry rice grain, black powder of diseased grains, bud grain; beans in the insect damaged kernels, infesting, wrinkled skin grain... , the above impurities are more than the density of impurities, in weight and good seed is often similar, even heavier than the good seed, non - specific gravity type selection machinery can not be removed. The proportion of type selection of machinery with the development of the industry has become increasingly popular, the operation is more difficult than the wind mechanical cleaning sieve.

Of course in the cleaning before some of the seed also need threshing and seed, in addition to awn, delinting, polished, stone, it would also like to purchase the corresponding mechanical processing. Such as maize seeds from ear to start processing, to be elected in the threshing and cleaning machine; cotton seeds need delinting, to be elected for the most of the delinting equipments; rice need remove Arista, should choose Awner.

If the seed has been cleared, it is necessary to carry out deep processing, such as mixing, coating, pill, as there are measurement, packaging, are required to purchase the appropriate machinery.

Seed processing machinery is not only a variety of functions, but also in the specific use of the grade.

High grade, with large-scale complete sets of equipment, commonly known as the line, style and investment, to adapt to large-scale production and management, the high level of modernization, the processing effect of natural good.

General primary level only with a single, only to remove a certain kind of impurities, it is difficult to a processing standards.

Intermediate grade for seed processing unit supporting, the adaptation today, the rise of China's seed industry productivity and mode of production and operation of the, has the advantages of less investment, quick effect, simple operation, easy to move, solid and durable, the rate of return, which has the advantage of high is the China seed industry welcome.

3, the choice of the manufacturer

Seed processing machinery is the seed industry equipment, the purchase of machinery for better production and management, to create wealth, rather than simple direct consumption, to choose a higher degree of professional management, advanced management, product quality and stability, supporting good business. In a word, for the purchase, the most important is to examine the integrity of the enterprise how to? Should also be careful to understand the technical performance of products manufacturers, manufacturing quality, after-sales service and reasonable sales prices.

In the shopping mall like the battlefield, the equipment is a weapon, the purchase of seed processing machinery is not necessarily the best in the world, is not necessarily the most expensive, but must be the most suitable for you and your business.


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