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Pay attention to the proper use and maintenance of seed selection machine

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Pay attention to the proper use and maintenance of seed selection machine

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Multiple seed separator wide adaptability, by replacing the sieve, and adjust the air volume can be featured on the seeds of wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, bean, rape, forage and green manure. Use and maintenance of the machine is high, a little carelessness will affect the selection of quality. The use and maintenance of the machine are as follows.

1 grader best in the operating room, the machine park location should be flat, solid, park location should be considered convenient dust.

Before 2. To check all parts of the connecting screws are tightened, transmission parts rotation is flexible, without exception, normal voice, and tape drive Zhang tightness is appropriate.

. in operation process change variety in, some to the remnants of the machine in seed clean, and make the machine to operate 5-10 minutes, at the same time, before and after air volume regulating handle switch several times, to exclude deposition in before, during and after the indoor more than kinds and impurities. To confirm that no seed and impurities from a few stored in the indoor flow, the machine can be stopped, and the first sieve on the surface of the seeds and impurities will be cleaned to the row, and then remove the screen surface, clean the next screen.

4. If the restricted conditions, and must be in the outdoor work, looking for a safe place to park machine, and downwind placed in order to reduce the influence of wind on the selection effect. When wind speed is greater than 3, the installation of wind barrier should be considered.

5 every time before operation with lubrication point refueling, after cleaning and inspection, and timely troubleshooting


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