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Peanut harvesting machinery pilot demonstration projects work conference held in Wancheng District

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Peanut harvesting machinery pilot demonstration projects work conference held in Wancheng District

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In August 21, 2009, Henan Province peanut harvesting machinery pilot demonstration projects work conference held in Wancheng district. Province Agricultural Bureau deputy director of Cheng Shuangjin at the meeting seriously review the in the past five years the Province peanut harvesting process and experience, the peanut harvesting facing the situation and development trend are analyzed, the arrangements for the deployment of this year, peanut harvesting task. Process of the director said that the review of 5 years of development of peanut harvesting, mainly can be divided for the introduction of the demonstration, experiment and demonstration and expand the test surface of three stages. Through hard work, it has changed the status of peanut mechanization, effectively promoting the progress of the mechanical technology, the main embodiment of the performance of the machine is gradually improved, the new machines are constantly increasing, social awareness has been improved, the effect of increasing farmers' income. The end of last year, the province has 20 counties to carry out peanut mechanization test, a total investment of 3380000 yuan, an increase of more than 3100 acres of peanut harvesting machine, the completion of the harvest area of about 800000 acres. In the analysis of the development trend of the peanut harvesting, director Cheng pointed out that facing the opportunities are as follows: liberal policy environment, governments at all levels of peanut harvesting investment increased year by year; peanut planting area is increasing year by year, mechanized harvesting is imperative; peanut harvesting machinery technology in gradually improve, peanut machinery is generally accepted by the masses; economic capacity enhanced, so that ordinary farmers can purchase the models. In the deployment of this year's work, he pointed out, to adhere to the guidance of classification, gradient advance; edge promotion, edge test run alternately; the first section of the harvest, the principle of joint harvest. Should pay attention to actual effect, do a good job of propaganda and training, must face the society, strive to create a good atmosphere of public opinion. Attended the meeting undertake Bureau of agriculture machinery of peanut harvesting machinery pilot demonstration projects of 1O counties (districts) and the location of the seven City Agricultural Bureau Director, promotion webmaster, science and education section chief and peanut harvesting machinery 8 the manufacturer representatives, a total of more than 80 people.


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