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Selection and usage of grain drying machine

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Selection and usage of grain drying machine

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Different grain varieties can choose different grain drying machine. Such as wheat, rice based food producing areas can choose mixed flow, mixed flow type of drying machine. Such as corn producing areas, can choose the multi-stage concurrent flow high temperature rapid drying machine. Such as rice based production areas, can choose the current, mixed with the reverse flow, such as low temperature, large and slow drying machine. Different food has different drying process and different drying temperature, according to the number of the number of food, also can choose different types of drying process and drying machine. Such as food varieties, the number of small or scattered storage, should be used in small batches (circulation) type drying machine or small mobile dryer. Such as single species, the number of large, drying period is short, should choose a large continuous drying machine is appropriate.

Comprehensive analysis, reasonable configuration of the model size of the dryer

The size of the dryer model is based on the actual situation of the local, as well as the two important indicators of the productivity and precipitation of the dryer to determine the requirements of the comprehensive analysis. If the water content of 3000t is 26%, the average temperature of the environment is 22.5, corn can be stored for about 15 days, every day working 20h, 30 days after drying to 14% of safe water, can choose to deal with the small, dry capacity of the larger drying machine (converted to 5% per hour when the water, the drying capacity of 12 tons. Water / hour). If the food concentration of producing areas, the amount of food processing in the dry season is large, it can be based on the actual situation to choose a large high temperature, high efficiency, fast drying machine.

Determine the production capacity of the dryer with service radius

Drying machine with appropriate large should not be small, because in most cases in the harvest season when the rainy season, it will need to play the role of the dryer, drying capacity, productivity can not solve the problem. National and local reserve library, food concentration of producing areas should be built in large, medium drying machine. The service radius of the fixed dryer should be small, so it is not suitable to reduce the transportation distance, reduce the cost and improve the benefit. Mobile type drying machine can be used for rural grain producing region and the Southern small grain producing areas, productivity is generally 2&#12316. 5t / h is appropriate, too small, welcome to the user, the best use of a machine, not only applicable in grain and food, also applies to some economic crops, the service radius should be larger, in order to play mobile dryer.

According to the local energy resources, select the drying heat source

When selecting the dryer, the local energy resources should be considered in order to make rational use and reduce the cost. If there is a food producing areas of coal, heat source to use coal, anthracite or coke is appropriate, its price economy, but a one-time investment in coal fired hot air furnace. Oil fields and natural gas producing areas, the use of light diesel oil, heavy oil, natural gas and propane, as the hot air stove fuel, fuel use of this kind of fuel, but the hot air furnace one-time investment is small. Special seed drying machine is suitable for the application of fuel gas or natural gas. Because of its stable and easy to control, it can ensure the germination rate of the seeds.

When selecting a dryer to take into account the environmental conditions

Due to the different harvest time of various crops, and the temperature difference between the South and North, the drying effect and operating costs must be considered. As far as the coastal areas to avoid in the low temperature and humidity of the dry weather, otherwise the dehydration effect is poor, low productivity, high drying costs. Nearly half of the time in the northern region is at 0 degrees Celsius drying operation, the lower the external temperature, the required unit heat consumption is relatively large, high cost. Therefore, the outer wall of the dryer and the hot air duct in the following 0 degrees north of the North should be added to the insulation layer to reduce heat loss.

Equipped with auxiliary equipment

Grain dryer complete drying operation, must be equipped with some auxiliary equipment. Continuous drying machine in a grain storage section should be arranged on the feeding device (or overflow pipe, etc.), flow in the temporary storage should let Mancang feed position device, lifting machinery shall be provided with automatic shutdown and clogging alarm device. Motor should be equipped with overload protection device, and can realize manual and automatic control. The grain discharging mechanism should be able to realize the speed regulation or the stepless speed change. The temperature control instrument should be able to display the hot air temperature and specific grain temperature, and high temperature alarm. In order to test the moisture content of grain, a fast moisture tester should be equipped.


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