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5X-12 Air Screen Seed Cleanersupplier

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5X-12 Air Screen Seed Cleanersupplier

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Hyde-Maosheng 5X series air screener (air screen seed cleaner) has been developed for high quality fine cleaning of malting barley, seed grain, legumes, grass and garden seeds.

The machine's efficient screen system with its accurately matched stroke and frequency, is complemented by Cimbria’s highly developed pre- and after suction system. Two air lifting blowers at the bottom of the machine ensure unrivalled air cleaning and grading.

Structure of Hyde-Maosheng 5X air screener

1. Inlet

Optimal feed over the width of the machine is achieved by a shaker feeder with stepless adjustment via frequency regulation.

2. Shaker feeder

Ensures an uniform feeding on the entire width of the machine also when cleaning difficult flowing products, i.e. grass seed, in addition, the shaker feeder also prevents the product from flowing when the shaker feeder is stopped.

3. Adjustable feed gate

The feed gate will only be adjusted when the opening need to be bigger due to difficult flowing products, i.e. grass seed.

4. Pre-suction

With finely adjustable suction intake directly under the feed gate for effective removal of fine particles.

5. Screens

The screens (size: L x W = 800 x 1250 mm) can be employed as sieves, sorters or graders, and are effectively kept clean by rubber balls in newly developed ball boxes. It is not necessary to take out the ball boxes when changing screens.

6. Eccentric drive system for screen decks

Supplied standard with fixed speed or alternative frequency regulation.

7. After suction

Light particles are sucked out of the product flow on the air screen and lead through the air lifting channel to the expansion chamber, from where it is extracted by screw conveyor.

8. Two air lifting blowers

Ensure a homogenous airflow and support the after suction considerably. Delivered with frequency regulation. The system is used to separate light grains with low germination, from the final product, by blowing the light product up into the airlifting channel, and separated in the expansion chamber; the husk will be lifted into the after-suction blower, and the light kernels will fall into the middling outlet.

9. Outlet for middling product

10. False air intakes (2 pcs.)

For adjustment of air quantity in both the pre- and after suction systems.

11. Adjustment

Remote control of integral motor for shaker feeder, air lifting unit, pre-suction, after-suction and air velocity. The adjustment of the above is placed in a small control box, which is placed on the cleaner.

Technical data of Hyde-Maosheng 5X air screener:

Capacity based on 15% H2O:
8% incoming up to 2% under 2.2 mm


Wheat, Rye, Sorghum and Malted Barley

12.0 t/h

5.0 t/h

Oats, Maize, white Rice

9.0 t/h

4.0 t/h

Soya, Peas, Rape, Coffee

9.0 t/h

4.0 t/h

Paddy rice

7.0 t/h

3.0 t/h

Sunflower, roasted Coffee

4.5-5.0 t/h

2.5 t/h

Rye grass, clover


0.75-1.0 t/h


Machine height (without fan)

4060 mm

3870 mm

Machine length

3900 mm

3200 mm

Machine width

1944 mm

1920 mm

Height, standard inlet hopper

532 mm

532 mm

Screen area:

15.0 m?

7.0 m?

Square outlet pipes: (Adapter to round available)

a) from screens

160 x 160 mm

160 x 160 mm

b) from expansion chambers

240 x 240 mm

200 x 200 mm

Motors: (standard):


2.2 kW

2.2 kW

Lifting air fans (integral)

3 kW

3 kW

Shaker feeder (integral)

1.5 kW

1.5 kW

Top fan (optional)

11.0 kW

7.5 kW

Air volume:

Pre- and after suction

11000 m?

82000 m?

Total weight of cleaner:

Without top fan

3655 kg

2875 kg

Freight volume

31 m?

24 m?

Dynamic loading at 4.6-4.8 Hz:

PH=+/-1752N PV1=+/-1062N PV2=+/-1160N 10N=1kg

*Technical data can vary for certain of the above due to continued development, or a different machine composition.

This Hyde-Maosheng air screener can, in a few minutes, be converted to different cleaning programmes, e.g.:

- Beans, lupine seed, maize

- Oats, wheat

- Rye grass, Red fescue

- Rape, peas, lentils

Welcome to Kaifeng Hyde Machinery for seed cleaning machine!

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