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5X-5 Air Screen Seed Cleanerspecifications

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5X-5 Air Screen Seed Cleanerspecifications

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Hyde-Maosheng Air Screen Seed Cleaner

(1) Function: fine cleaning, remove impurities, grading seeds according to sizes.
(2) Application: cereal grains and seeds.
(3) Capacity: up to 12t/h (wheat).

1. Introduction of Hyde 5X air screen seed cleaner

The 5X series air screen seed cleaner has been developed specially for flexible, high quality cleaning for grains and seeds.
It can be used for pre-cleaning and intensive cleaning, but mainly for seed cleaning.

Excellent cleaning and grading function is accomplished by variable screen configuration, pre and after suction system, and air lifting blowers at the bottom. Closed, bolted and painted steel construction ensures the long service life and safe operation.

2. Application of Hyde 5X air screen seed cleaner

5X series air screen cleaners are widely used for cleaning and grading of grains and seeds, such as wheat, malting barley, beans, rice, maize, spices, grass seeds, flower seeds and forestry seeds.
The multi-layer cleaning screens are changeable easily for different processing requirements.

Processing materials:
- Wheat, rye, sorghum and malting barley
- Oats, maize, white rice
- Soya, peas, rape, coffee
- Paddy rice
- Sunflower, roasted coffee, beet seed
- Rye grass, clover malting barley, seed grain, legumes, grass and garden seeds.

3. Working principle of Hyde 5X air screen seed cleaner

Seeds and grains can be separated from impurities for different physical and mechanical properties. The separation is completed by
1. Fans (air blowers): by different weight and aerodynamic characteristics.
2. Screens: according to different width and thickness sizes of seeds.

4. Features of Hyde 5X air screen seed cleaner

- Multi-layer screens are equipped in opposite directions for good impurity cleaning performance.
- Upper and lower screen decks are dynamically balanced in opposite directions to improve the stable running of machine.
- Easy interchangeable screens are flexible for different processing requirements.
- Positive-negative pressure blower systems are equipped at top and bottom, twice remove light impurities and incomplete seeds.
- Screen frames, main ball trays and feeder parts are made of high quality wood, good sealing and vibration absorption performance with low noise.
- Wide adjustable range realizes fine cleaning process easily.
- Integral steel frame rubber ball tray for easy screen cleaning and processing material changes.
- Safety guard is equipped for every moving part to ensure safe operation.
- Box-type screen body structure efficiently reduce dust content in workshop.
- Symmetric machine structure, discharge system equipped left or right according to site conditions of customer.

5. Technical parameter of Hyde 5X air screen seed cleaner

HYDE MACHINERY 5X seed cleaner technical parameters.jpg

Welcome to Kaifeng Hyde Machinery for complete seed cleaning plant!

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